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A wonderful day at Durrington Junior School, Worthing

On Monday I spoke all day to year 6 at Durrington Junior School in Worthing.  It was, I believe, the hottest day of the year.  I spoke ALL DAY, about my adventures; Rowing across the Atlantic, Racing to the Magnetic North Pole, then trekking to the Geographic North Pole, and touched on my trek in Nepal to Everest Base Camp incorporating the lessons I have learned in life through these adventures. The attention of the pupils was amazing, in spite of the heat. The Teachers organised lots of water and loo breaks during the day, but the children were so lively, full of brilliant questions and enthusiastic – they made my  day a real joy.

When I told them I was planning to take 5 women to trek to the South Pole in 2018, 2 of the girls rushed up and begged me to take them too…I wish, I wish, their exuberance would be such a boost.  Alas too young, but I am sure ONE DAY!

I am so privileged to be asked to speak to these super young people and regain the wonder of youth through their eyes.

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